A Guide to Using Re:form Traditions Methodist Remotely

Are you leading youth ministry in a Methodist congregation? Are you looking for resources that help your youth explore your denomination’s history and theology? Re:form Traditions can help you plan for four weeks of lessons using humorous videos and multisensory activities.


What you’ll need to lead Re:form Traditions: Methodist: 

  • Leader Guide (in print, or else accessed via your Sparkhouse Digital Youth Subscription) 
  • Lesson videos on DVD or with Sparkhouse Digital

Here’s a quick look at planning each week of content: 

  • Review the Leader Guide sections, including the prep page. 
  • Watch the video so you know what youth will be viewing. 
  • Choose one or more of the Anti-Workbook activities. Decide whether you’ll ask youth to find these supplies at home or whether you’ll create a supply kit to include with the Anti-Workbook that you mail or deliver to each youth. 

Not every Anti-Workbook activity is a good fit with remote learning, so here’s a guide to what adapt and what to skip.


Session 1: History 

Did the Methodist church really start because of some holier-than-thou teenagers? 


  • Kernel of Faith: Because kids may not have test tubes handy, plan to demonstrate this one yourself, with kids watching as you pop a kernel. (They could eat popcorn while they watch.) 
  • Nasty Ol’ Bananas: This is an after-the-lesson activity. Get kids baking in the kitchen using the recipe for Aunty Sophey’s banana bread. Service idea: Ask them to ripen four bananas so they can make a loaf to share. 
  • Can You Help Me with This? Plan this conversational activity online during a Zoom call. 
  • Domino Effect: This activity requires a lot of dominoes, so you can skip this one.  


Session 2: Beliefs 

What the heck is prevenient grace and do I have to learn geometry to be Methodist? 

  • Ye Olde Theological Toolbox: You could add to the scenarios in your Leader Guide to reflect the situations kids face during the pandemic. 
  • Magnet Races: Youth with a competitive streak may enjoy a few rounds of racing.  
  • Robot-Free Sanctuary: You can do this one as-is, with you reading the situations and youth using their Anti-Workbooks to show their responses. 
  • Zombie Attack: This activity was designed to be high-energy, interactive, and a little messy. You may need to skip it for remote learning. 


Session 3: Practices 

If a Methodist sings out of tune, does that mean they’re not perfect? 

  • Body Building: Instead of tracing different people’s body parts, ask youth to report on which part they think best represents them. 
  • What If? Give youth time to write their What If? Scenarios in the Anti-Workbook and then share them with each other. 
  • Grace Bingo: You may need to adapt some of the squares to pandemic versions, but you could still play a game of Bingo together. 
  • Hammer Painting: Youth painting with hammers? You could still totally do this remotely 


Session 4: The Tradition Today 

What actually happens when Methodists are on a mission? 

  • Phill Out Your Phuture: Youth can fill out their profiles and share with others, or take a photo and post. Follow their lead if they’re interested in talking about what life could be like in 2055. You could also focus more specifically about what they think life could be like once the pandemic and its restrictions end. 
  • Methodists on a Mission Gear: Artsy kids may want to extend this T-shirt design activity to design a shirt for your youth group to have while they are meeting remotely. 
  • Malaria Mashups: Youth could look for two things in their own home to create a mashup. If you choose this activity, your group could do some research on the state of malaria eradication and the continued efforts of the UMC. 
  • Design a Church: Youth may have lots to say about modern church design, especially with so many restrictions related to social distancing during worship. Invite them to share their sketches.  


Learn more about the guidelines for using Sparkhouse resources, including video, remotely by checking out our frequently asked questions.

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