A Guide to Using Re:form Remotely

Re:form offers a core curriculum for middle school ministry that is designed for confirmation, youth group, Sunday school, or other regular gatherings. Its 40 sessions guide youth to engage with a question that is presented in the video and explored in Anti-Workbook activities. 


Re:form was designed for youth to be gathering together in person to watch the video, try the Anti-Workbook activities, and share their points of view. However, many parts of Re:form can be readily adapted for remote ministry. Here are some ideas for doing this:


The Prepare section helps you teach the content and think through where kids are at. As you prepare, think through how to check in with kids before you dive into the Re:form lesson. 


During Encounter, kids try the Set Up activity, watch the video, and unpack what they saw with some questions. Decide whether the Set Up activity can be easily adapted for remote learning. If not, skip it and move to the video and questions. 


The Engage content helps you walk kids through one or more of the four Anti-Workbook activities. Each lesson offers two activities kids can do on their own and two group activities. You’ll find that the individual use activities are more easily adaptable for remote learning than the group use ones. 


To Respond, adapt the Regroup activity if possible. If not, move right to inviting kids to share what they did in their Anti-Workbooks. Decide whether the Send idea can be adjusted for remote use. 


Even when you can’t gather physically to use Re:form, you’ll find that this curriculum still offers your youth powerful ways to engage in exploring big faith questions.



Learn more about the guidelines for using Sparkhouse resources, including video, remotely by checking out our frequently asked questions.

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