A Guide to Using Re:form Ancestors Remotely

Re:form Ancestors provides 30 lessons on our biblical ancestors, with 15 from the Old Testament and 15 from the New. Each lesson is designed to learn about someone they may not have heard about before or give them a different perspective on a more familiar biblical person. (For example, most youth were not introduced in Sunday school to the story of Moses killing someone. This act forms a vital part of Moses’s story, and we think youth are ready to hear this part of the text.)


Re:form Ancestors is a great fit if you are looking for a yearlong curriculum that covers major biblical figures, along with some unexpected ones. With leader material designed to support your teaching, humorous and fast-paced lesson videos, and an engaging Anti-Workbook with many activities that can be adapted for remote learning, Re:form Ancestors will support youth in learning about biblical people in new and memorable ways. 


To lead each Re:form Ancestors lesson, follow this sequence: 

  • Read the Prepare section to help you teach the content and think through where kids are at.  
  • Plan how you’ll lead kids through the Encounter section with the Set Up activity, video, and questions for unpacking the video. Decide whether the Set Up activity can be easily adapted for remote learning. If not, skip it and move to the video and questions. 
  • Review the Anti-Workbook activities in Engage. Each lesson includes a two-page spread with three activities along with additional details and visual content. Decide which activities you can adapt for remote learning and which ones to skip. 
  • To Respond, adapt the Regroup activity if possible. If not, move right to inviting kids to share what they did in their Anti-Workbooks. Decide whether the Send idea can be adjusted for remote use. 


Look for the Definitions, Consider This, and Here’s a Tip content throughout your Leader Guide to support your teaching and leading. Reference the Storyline in the back of the Anti-Workbook to help youth see how you are encountering many ancestors of faith.  


Learn more about the guidelines for using Sparkhouse resources, including video, remotely by checking out our frequently asked questions.

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