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Explore what sexuality means to you, your church, and your community with this groundbreaking documentary from Sparkhouse. In 65 minutes, dig into topics around sexuality, including patriarchy and the church, women's sexuality and the church, sex and marriage, and why language matters. Learn more.

Explore sexuality in depth

Ending the Silence: Confronting Sexual Shame in the Church offers a deep exploration about sexuality and what it means for today's religious communities. 

In this groundbreaking documentary, hear from key advocates and ministry leaders as they provide an in-depth exploration of what sexuality means to churches and communities today.

Host a community night

With your purchase of Ending the Silence: Confronting Sexual Shame in the Church, receive a free discussion guide to host a community night, exploring the topic and starting a conversation about sexuality and what it means to the church, your community, and our country.

"Resources like this documentary are sorely needed, as they fill a void that LGBTQ people of faith often experience. These resources are so helpful to those in the LGBTQ community who are seeking to reconcile their faith with their sexual orientation or gender identity, and can also help open dialogue with others in their faith communities."

Lisbeth Meléndez Rivera, HRC Director of Faith Outreach & Training

“This essential resource helps Christians address the reasons members of the LGBTQ community so often feel rejected by the church. It brings a crucial understanding of the need to welcome and include LGBTQ people in the full life of the church.”


Zeke Stokes, Vice President of Programs, GLAAD